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PDA Security: more than just encryption

Do you like the convenience and power of the PDA but are worried about the sensitive information stored on them? Are you sure that company data is kept safe even if the PDA is outside of the office?

NMS for PDA: transparent encryption and secure login for Pocket PC PDA security and protection, keeping your organisation's data secure while on the move.

NMS for PDA Version 6.1

Secure mobile computing for the Professional and Enterprise users of Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Pocket PC 2002 PDAs:

  • Protects all data with a strong user authentication password, not just a PIN.

  • Encrypts Compact Flash cards, SD-cards and micro drives. Encrypts and decrypts transparently and in real-time.

  • Encrypts data in persistent storage (Pocket PC 2003).

  • Secures the ActiveSync connection to host PCs with the NMS password. Allows secure temporary authorisation to connect to plain PDAs.

  • Controls use of BlueTooth and InfraRed ports.

  • Can be set to wipe all PDA data if: the login becomes locked, or if the PDA is not used or docked.

  • Manager password protects security policy. Only administrators can set or change configuration, such as login settings, password policy, and encryption settings.

  • Allows you to securely restore the installation and security settings of NMS for PDA after the PDA has been hard reset, or after all battery power has been lost. Makes it possible to have secure encrypted backup and restore of data.

  • Version 6.1 fully supports the high-resolution and landscape graphic options of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 2005, as well as built-in and snap-on keyboards.

    For full details, see: What's new in Version 6.1

Tools for managing Enterprise security

The Management Suite provides tools to automate deployment and allow management of PDAs from a central location.

Mass Deployment provides a tool for creating a known security set-up for distribution to end users via email, CD, Intranet, etc.

  • Configuration is automatic, and enforces your security policy without intervention from the end user.

  • Can be deployed to PC only to allow a PDA to connect to more than one host, and to PDAs that do not dock to host PCs.

  • Allows update of security policy.

Remote Recovery securely manages recovery from locked accounts or forgotten passwords without the need for a physical or electronic connection, or for PDAs to be returned to base.

  • Allows secure remote recovery from a dead PDA.

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