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NMS for PDA - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't I install the software on my PDA?

If the installation of the software fails, it will usually give a reason on the screen. One of the reasons it can fail is that your Pocket PC Device is password protected. You should remove the password and then run the installation again.

Why does my device ask me to overwrite files when I'm installing the software?

Some of the files on your Pocket PC device must be replaced to ensure that the software works correctly. You should answer Yes to overwrite any files if the installation asks to overwrite files during installation. These files are restored if you uninstall the software.

Do I need to uninstall earlier versions of NMS for PDA from my device or PC before installing a new version?

No, you can overinstall the new version of the software without removing the old one. The Pocket PC device may ask you to confirm that you wish to upgrade, and your PC will need to be rebooted to replace any files in use.

I've installed the software and it's asking for a password, what is it?

When you reset your Pocket PC device after installation, the login screen will appear. Initially, there is no password. On Pocket PC 2002 devices tap OK. On Windows Mobile 2003 editions, the Set Password dialog appears. Enter the password you want to set and confirm it. At first, you must choose a password that has four characters or more.

Why can't I synchronize my PDA to my PC anymore?

If, when you attempt to connect to the PC via the cradle, and the ActiveSync dialog does not appear on the PC screen, then the PC component of NMS for PDA is either not installed or is not running correctly. You can re-install the software on the PC by doing the following:
  1. Remove your PDA from the cradle, and then, on your PC, run the install CD, or double-click on NMSsetup.exe

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. When you see the dialog asking if NMS for PDA is already installed on your PDA device, click "Yes".

  3. When you see the message asking if you want to install the PC component only, click "Yes".

  4. At the Set Product Encryption Key (PEK) dialog, enter the same PEK as you used when you installed NMS on your PDA.

  5. When the installation has completed, dock your PDA and enter the NMS password on the PC screen when prompted.

Why can't I connect my device to another PC?

The PC to which you are trying to synchronize or connect must be protected by NMS for PDA. If you are trying to connect to a PC other than the one from which you installed NMS for PDA, you must install the PC component of NMS for PDA using the same Product Encryption Key.

How do I encrypt storage cards?

The Manager can set whether the storage cards are always encrypted or allow you to choose when a new card is inserted. When you insert a plain (unencrypted) card, you will be asked if you want to encrypt it.

How do I encrypt the inbuilt memory?

In-built or on-board persistent storage appears as a folder in File Explorer, and is sometimes known as "Safe Store", "In-built Store", "iPAQ File Store", or something similar. The persistent storage folder will be automatically encrypted if the Encrypted option is selected for Persistent Storage in the Encryption settings in the management facilities. This feature is not available on a Pocket PC 2002 device.

How can I tell a storage card is encrypted?

Just use the storage card in a device that does not have NMS for PDA installed, such as another Pocket PC device, or a digital camera. It will not recognise any files on the card.

What happens to encrypted data if I uninstall NMS for PDA?

When you uninstall NMS for PDA, the program will ask if you want to decrypt any storage cards. If you do not decrypt the cards you will not be unable to read the data from them, unless you reinstall the software and use the same Product Encryption Key. The persistent storage folder will be decrypted automatically.

How do I make the user change their password regularly?

The Manager can set the expire period (in numbers of days) for the password, and can force it to contain a minimum number of characters, contain numbers and letters and be something that has not been used previously.

How do I prevent end users from changing the security policy?

The NMS Settings icon gives access to the tools that allow the Manager to configure the security features of the PDA. These are not available to the user as it requires the Manager password to access them.

How do I change the front login screen?

If the Manager has allowed the user to change the login screen, you can select a new login skin from the drop down list available from the Login Skin icon. You can use the separate Skin Wizard program to create your own skins and transfer them to your device.

How do I get into my PDA if I've forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password or the Pocket PC device is locked, you can type help in the password box, and initiate the Remote Recovery procedure. Alternatively, if you know the Product Encryption Key, you can enter this in the password box to gain access to your device. This last option can be prohibited from the Recovery icon by the Manager.

How do I set up several PDAs with the same settings?

If you want to install the software with the same settings and custom login skin onto several devices, you should use the Mass Deployment program which is part of the Management Suite. This will take all the settings from one device and include them in an installation file. When you install the software using this Mass Deployment kit, every device will have the same security settings and (if included) the same custom login skin.

Can users uninstall NMS for PDA?

To uninstall NMS for PDA you must enter the Manager password, so if users do not know what the password is, they cannot uninstall the software.

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